Circuit Board Manufacturing


Considering our long – lasting tradition in circuit manufacturing and software, our company managed to establish a tradition on the market. We want to welcome you to our fold and hope to have business with you for many years. Our company can guarantee you 100% genuine products, reliability and high – quality.

Make sure to follow our page on a daily basis because we update it all the time. For more information, you can visit some of the sections on our website and get details in a matter of minutes.

What We Do


Circuit Board Manufacturing

Our company is in top 15 manufacturers in Europe which means we managed to establish a high reputation on this continent. With our high – quality products, you will have a successful business.

Multilayer Pcb's

With the progress of technology, we are now able to produce 24 layers with .2mm holes and .125mm tracks and gaps. We also provide a broad range of finishes.

New Production Software

We want to assist our clients in the best possible way, that’s why we introduced a new software on the maker, which will improve our business and help us establish the better relationship with customers.

Reliable Service

With us, you will always be protected, considering that all our products go through strict quality check and inspection. A reliable service is an utmost importance to use because we want to have satisfied clients.

We Research

Our entire manufacturing is based on research because we want to provide our clients high – quality products. The team of experts that is working with us, every day is implementing and finding new ways to prolong the shelf life and durability of the circuits we manufacture. Considering that we live in a technologically advanced world, Artetch is always following the new tendencies and tries to improve its business. With us, you will have high – quality and efficient products and services.

Quality Guarantee

For years, Artetch has been building its reputation on advanced products and services, and this is one of the reasons why we managed to survive so long on the market. Our customers have the privilege to experience warranty and quality guarantee.

If any malfunction occurs during the warranty period, contact our customer support, and they will resolve the issue. Our company tends to provide the best services, and that’s why we invest a lot of in quality.

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