Connected Circuit Board Manufacturing


The world runs on Circuit Boards. Your business needs high-quality, quickly made products that you can rely on. At Artetch, we pride ourselves on circuit boards that are made for you, withouth the bespoke price tag.

What We Do


Circuit Board Manufacturing

We make circuit boards to your exact specifications, ensuring that you get exactly what you need, when you need it. This includes both large and small volume orders.

Multilayer Pcb's

With our brand new technology, we are now able to produce 24 layers with .2mm holes and .125mm tracks and gaps. We also provide a broad range of finishes.

New Production Software

We want to assist our clients in the best possible way. That’s why we introduced a new software on the machine, to improve our business and help us establish the better relationship with customers.

File Management Services


We also offer our clients a wide range , specifically tailored to each clients individual needs.


We do our Research

In the world of technology, research is key. Our team of experts is constantly working on ensuring that our company is at the forefront of the industry. We are always implementing and finding new ways to prolong the shelf life and durability of the circuits we manufacture. With us, you will have high – quality and efficient products.

Quality Guarantee

For years, Artetch has been building its reputation on advanced products and services. This is one of the reasons that we managed to survive so long on the market. Our customers have the privilege to experience warranty and quality guarantee.

If any malfunction occurs during the warranty period, contact our customer support, and they will resolve the issue. Our company pledges to provide the best services, and that’s why we guarantee our customers quality.

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