In the recent years, printed circuit board have been used in many products and processes and other words, companies have a significant demand, but also customers face with many choices because they don’t know which one to select. On the other hand, if clients choose the wrong PCB company, they can endanger their entire business. This is why we are going to share some tips with you and help you make the best decision.

High quality

As any experienced manufacturer can tell you, not all PCB boards provide the same quality, even though they promise exactly that. In fact, quality can vary significantly between different companies, but still, quality remains as the critical features in this selection process. Even small mistakes can endanger your business and make you look unprofessional. In this way, you will lose clients, even though it’s not your mistake.


An interesting thing about PCB boards is that quality and pricing don’t always get along. More experienced and established manufacturer will demand higher prices. But, considering that this market is so competitive, only a few of them have the luxury to stand out from others, regarding the price. Clients now have the option to look around, before they decide on one company and their products.


This is one of the features, where making the right choice can determine the success or the failure of your business. You should have in mind that many PCB projects have very tight deadlines. In this case, make sure that you get a written warranty about the delivery time. Most businesses deliver the products within five business days, but some of them take one step further and make the delivery within 48 hours. If you are working on a tight schedule, then make sure to check the delivery rate and speed.

Minimum order

PCB projects can cover a lot of different scopes, but what is enough for one company, can be a massive order for another one. In this way, most of them don’t have a minimum order, but before the purchase, make sure to check this.