We have been in the circuit board manufacturing industry for a long time. Our products are at the top because we have the technology and the professional workforce to create them. Many people who purchase our products wonder how we manage to create them. Well, we can’t share all secrets of the manufacturing process, but we can tell you certain aspects of the same.

Our focus lies in the PCB manufacturing as these boards are the basis of the majority of products people use on a daily basis. They are found in everything from clocks to complex computational electronics.

The manufacturing process of the PCB (early stages)

The method of creating one of our products starts with the design. This is an essential step as it lays the groundwork for other steps in this process. The design process focuses on the creation of a plan that employees follow.

The next step is to prepare the schematic files for printing. Printing these schemes is a complicated process, and a standard printer is unable to complete this task. Printers we use for this process use precise technology that was created for this. They use laser printers that are several times more precise than standard lasers.

The skeleton of the PCB consists of the laminate and copper. Laminate serves as the background while the copper is a perfect material for inscribing the program on the board. Laminate is clean and perfect for this process. It gets covered by copper and then it is ready for engraving.

But many might wonder about what happens with the excess copper that stays on the board after the printing. Well, as with any other removal process we use alkaline solutions that work well in removing copper from different surfaces. We protect the copper we want to keep the hardened layer of photoresist.

Layering is a long and precise process, and it all comes together in this step. This step covers the alignment of all layers. This is completed with a machine called optical punch that seals the sheets from the most inner one to the final segment. It’s impossible to correct the mistakes once this device does its thing, so we have to be careful before we initiate this process.

We are still the best in the industry

We have kept our place at the top of the industry for several years. The secret behind that lies in research and high-quality products. We managed to have a smooth and efficient transit from conventional circuit board production to printed circuit board manufacture. Our research team was fast to take on this new form and make it possible for us to use it.

Creating high-quality products that sold as soon as they exited our production line is possible thanks to our employees. We didn’t hire just anyone who knows something about the industry. Individuals that work with us are professionally trained. We invest in their continuous training which produces experts that keep the quality of our products above the competition.