All members of the Sales Department have thorough training in PCB applications and manufacturing techniques. They are able to give a useful input to the specification of a printed circuit board for cost-effective design for manufacturing. We provide a Design for Manufacture document, which has been created in-house with the knowledge, and understanding we have of PCB manufacturing. Our Technical Sales Engineer is always ready to assist our customers and offer advice on Design for Manufacture issues. Regular meetings are held with all major customers, the purpose of which is to ensure that the highest level of service is maintained at all times.

Data Processing

Data ProcessingOur CAM Department consists of three Windows NT workstations that run Frontline PCB Solutions “Genesis 2000” pre-production software.

The software can process circuit data in Gerber and other formats. The data is checked for manufacturing accuracy before panelisation for photo plotting and the preparation of drilling and bare board testing programs.

We prefer to receive our data via email, which is directly sent to our CAM Department. We have prepared a document with guidelines to DFM. The document outlines the procedures that we believe should be implemented to gain the maximum cost and technical benefits from supplying circuit data and the preferred way we would like to receive it. The document also shows the data formats that we can process, also detailing drill files and electronic drawing formats. This information can be requested via Artetch Circuits or can be found on our website under the capabilities page.


Automatic Optical Inspection(AOI) is used to verify inner layer integrity before bonding. We have two Camtech Orion 604 machines. All PTH and Multilayer boards are bare board tested before despatch. All final electronic testing is performed against a netlist extracted from the electronic data supplied.


TestingThe services of our quality assessment laboratory are used to verify product during manufacture and before dispatch. This laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive range of metallurgical and physical testing equipment and can be utilized by customers for troubleshooting of assembly and performance problems. All boards pass through various inspection stages throughout manufacture. Final Inspection is carried out on all product prior to dispatch.

Factory Visits

We welcome the opportunity for customers and their staff to visit us and improve their knowledge of manufacturing techniques. Our company staff encourages active communication, and we want to provide equal opportunities to anyone who what to do business with us. Every month we organize an open day, where our future clients have a chance to get familiar with our products and our business. The application process is simple, and you have to leave your personal data.


Standard delivery is by overnight courier for next day delivery. Special delivery and packaging requirements can be incorporated as required. If you would like more information contact us here.